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How autumn affects our health

How autumn affects our health

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Autumn is the season of the year that begins with the autumnal equinox, the day when the hours of sunshine equal the hours of darkness. These hours continue to decrease until the winter solstice, the day with the fewest hours of sunshine of the year. 

As well as having fewer hours of daylight each day, temperatures drop and we leave the summer holidays behind and enter our routine. This can sometimes lead to high levels of stress.

All these factors cause us to suffer hormonal and physical changes that can affect our bodies. We lose more hair, joint pain is accentuated, and our defences are weakened.

Why do we suffer from hair loss during autumn and how can we prevent it?

Don’t worry if during this time of the year you notice an increased hair loss. Hair loss in autumn is seasonal. After a few weeks you will notice how it gradually goes decreasing. 

A healthy person has, on average, more than 100,000 hairs. If we lose between 50 to 100 hairs each day, in proportion, this hair loss is insignificant. 

There are many reasons why our hair falls out more at this time of year, but most of them are related to external environmental factors:

  • Summer has just ended, a period when we spend the most time outdoors exposed to the intense sun, excessive sweating, sea salt and chlorine from the swimming pool.  This damages our hair, causing it to weaken and thin.
  • The stress of the return to our daily routine also takes its toll and is another main cause of hair loss. Increased levels of cortisol, a hormone that slows down and hinders circulation within the scalp, leads to increased hair loss. 
  • As we have already discussed in the “Hair loss” post, hair growth goes through three stages. The hair loss and renewal phase (telogen phase) takes place between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. This is when the “old” hair falls out so that the new hair can grow from the roots. 

How to stop hair loss in autumn?

Although it is unavoidable, as we mentioned, it is a seasonal hair loss, so as the days go by you will notice how the amount of hair that you lose decreases. However, by following the following routines in your day-to-day life you can reduce this loss: 

  1. Eat more plant-based foods: mainly nuts, pulses, fruit and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary to guarantee a healthy hair cycle. B vitamins and zinc are particularly important, as they stimulate hair growth and strengthen its structure.
  1. Avoid putting your hair up: ponytails, braids or buns cause our hair to snap and put it under constant stress, which can create inflammation of the hair follicle.
  1. Massage your scalp: when you wash your hair, you can use circular massages to help increase scalp microcirculation. This helps nutrients to reach the scalp and improves the quality of your hair.
  1. Air dry your hair: Try not to blow dry your hair if possible. If you can avoid it, do it at a low temperature and blow-dry at least 20 centimetres away from the roots. 
  1. Take food supplements: these will give you extra vitamins and minerals to help you overcome brittle hair.

Food Supplements for Hair Loss prevention

Containing biotin, which keeps both skin and mucous membranes in good shape. Selenium contributes towards healthy hair and nails, as well as strengthening our immune system, and Zinc helps to strengthen hair structure and stimulate hair growth. 

How to use: 1 tablet each day with breakfast.

Is it normal to have joint pain in autumn?

Seasonal changes also affect our joints. Indirectly as a result of lower temperatures, humidity and rainfall. These factors increase joint pain.

As temperatures drop, our blood vessels constrict and our muscles receive less blood flow. This causes them to tighten and affects our joints. This causes increased stiffness and joint pain, created by nociceptors, nerve endings that detect painful stimulations.

On the other hand, rain and humidity cause a drop in atmospheric pressure, increasing the feeling of pain in our joints. 

Tips to reduce joint pain

We recommend some guidelines to reduce joint pain: 

  1. Keep an active lifestyle.
  2. Warm up before you exercise. 
  3. Take the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

You can find out more by visiting our blog post “How to maintain healthy joints and treat joint pain”.

Food supplements to reduce joint pain

Containing glucosamine and chondroitin, the structural components of cartilage. Our formula includes Boswellia serrata, a plant that enhances the effect of glucosamine against joint pain, quercetin to slow joint ageing and MSM (methylsulphonylmethane), a substance that provides sulphur, which is necessary for collagen fibres to structure properly.

How to use: 2 capsules each day, one with breakfast and one with dinner*.

(*) We recommend taking it for 6 months and resting for 1-2 months. Subsequently, alternate 3-month periods of use with 1-2 month breaks.

How to prepare your immune system for autumn

We associate autumn with an abrupt change in temperatures. We go from summer heat to cool but unstable temperatures. Also, the return to our daily routine means that we suffer more stress and have less time to focus on ourselves. All these factors affect us to a greater or lesser extent and can affect our immune system.

Tips for boosting our immune system

We can support our immune system if we:

  1. Follow a healthy diet
  2. Make sure we have correct Vitamin D levels
  3. Take care of our microbiota and take antioxidants.

Read more about how to boost your immune system in our blog. Take a look at our post “Strengthen your immune system“.

Food Supplements to strengthen the Immune System

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and, together with zinc, protect our immune system and reduce fatigue.  It is essential for enabling the synthesis of collagen in our skin (our first defence barrier) and keeping it in good condition. Our formula includes bioflavonoids, which boost and support the immune response.

How to use: 1 tablet each day, preferably with breakfast*.

(*) Our tablets contain 1000 mg of vitamin C and come with a small slit to cut them in half, making them easier to swallow.

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