Discover the Power of Liposomes: Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal L-Glutathione

Discover the Power of Liposomes: Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal L-Glutathione

Today, we invite you to explore the world of liposomes, microscopic spheres that can be loaded with active ingredients and used as a vehicle so that they can be absorbed more effectively by our bodies. They are making a huge impact in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, including the food supplement field. But what makes liposomes so special in this field?

What are liposomes?

Liposomes are microscopic spherical vesicles (like "bubbles") formed by layers of lipids (fats), very similar to the membranes of our own cells. Why are we interested in them? Because of their unique ability to encapsulate nutrients and deliver them directly into our cells, quickly, avoiding obstacles, and improving absorption. It's like having a VIP transport for nutrients, so your cells receive and absorb the specific nutrient faster.


Use of liposomes in food supplements

Liposomes are not only fascinating from a scientific and pharmaceutical technology point of view but also offer practical benefits in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. When used in food supplements, liposomes act as tiny delivery capsules that protect nutrients from acidic pH, digestive enzymes, and oxidation, so the nutrient quickly reaches where it really matters - your cells. When liposomes come into contact with a cell membrane, the liposome membrane fuses with the cell membrane, and the contents of the cavity are released into the cell.

The result is significantly improved absorption, which translates into greater efficiency and, consequently, a greater therapeutic effect and benefit for your health. They also offer other advantages, such as the ability to encapsulate water-soluble and water-insoluble ingredients that would otherwise not be included in the formulation, they are biodegradable and have no toxicity whatsoever.

Liposomal supplements by Zenement: L-Glutathione and Liposomal Vitamin C

At Zenement, we are at the forefront of this innovative technology. Our liposomal supplements, such as L-Glutathione and liposomal Vitamin C, are two examples of how liposomes can improve your well-being:

Liposomal L-Glutathione

L-Glutathione is a molecule found in every cell of the body. It works by preventing cellular oxidation, regulating metabolism, and maintaining a strong immune system. Our liposomal formula enhances absorption, being up to 64 times more bioavailable than non-liposomal versions. In addition, the liposomal Vitamin C in the formula works synergistically with L-Glutathione to strengthen the immune system. To reap the benefits, we recommend taking 10 ml every day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon, with breakfast.

Liposomal Vitamin C Capsules

As vitamin C is liposomal, it ensures optimal absorption compared to non-liposomal forms, boosting its antioxidant effect, strengthening the immune system, and helping to increase your energy levels. In this case, liposomes come in solid form due to freeze-drying, a process that removes water and turns it into a dry powder. When ingested in this form, when they reach the digestive tract, they absorb water and are rehydrated, regaining their vesicle form. It also supports skin, hair, and joint health. We recommend a dose of 2 capsules per day, providing 1000 mg of Vitamin C.

Liposomes represent an incredible breakthrough in the way our bodies can absorb and use food supplements. They represent an advanced technology that makes sure your body makes the most out of these components. So, next time you choose a supplement, remember: it's not just what you take that makes the difference, it's how your body receives it.

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