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The latest directives on dyslipidemia (read here), published at the end of August 2019 by the European Society atherosclerosis and the European Society of Cardiology indicate that the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) should be as low as possible to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Specifically, LDL cholesterol should not exceed 116 mg / dL for primary prevention in low-risk patients, while at moderate risk the limit falls to 100 mg / dL. In both cases, to reduce the blood levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, it is not necessary to follow a drug treatment, but it is necessary to intervene on diet and lifestyle.

How to change your diet and lifestyle? Lots of movement, low fat diet and zero tobacco. As for food, the recommendations propose to reduce caloric intake and prefer whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, lean fish and white meats, which must be grilled or steamed. On the other hand, refined grains, confectionery products, red meat, eggs and cheese should be consumed in moderation. As for drinks: plenty of water, limit sugary drinks and reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible. In addition to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, red rice yeast naturally contains several ingredients that can help control cholesterol levels.

Our red yeast rice (you can find it here) is suitable for everyone: it is prepared without the addition of excipients, gluten, dairy products, soy, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. We use ingredients that are GM-free and 100% vegetable-free, with no preservatives or colorants.

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