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We are Zenement. We are here to make your life better through supplements. Improve from within!

We are specialized in nutraceuticals. They can be recommended to battle specific nutritional deficiencies relating to illness or supplements that seek to aid skin health through micronutrients like flavonids or Vitamin C.

The word nutraceutical comes from the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, and was originated in the 80’s in wester countries and Japan, but old civilizations, such as the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Sumerians have already used food as medicine. “Let food be thy medicine.” is a common misquotation attributed to Hippocrates, who is considered by some to be the father of Western medicine.

In contrast to the natural herbs and spices used as folk medicine for centuries throughout Asia, the nutraceutical industry has grown alongside the expansion and exploration of modern technology


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We work with a group of doctors and nutritionists to develop our products and offer the best service to our clients. For any question or request do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available and eager to assist you.


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Made in Europe following the strictest quality and safety controls, and from the purest ingredients. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


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We are a group of passionate professionals dedicated at finding the best supplements for your specific needs



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I am a general practitioner who is convinced of the power of nutraceuticals. I am excited to report to you that now a personalized daily intake of the the best suited capsules for you can make your life better . Hard to believe? Of course, it is. I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes




Tools such as IBM Watson and the feedback of our community can help us bring you the best treatment of food supplements in the market. Contact us and your satisfaction will be guaranteed

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